Request a Grant

  • Each month we will send a newsletter out on the second to last Saturday of the month. This email will say when the fund is going to open (usually, but not always) the last Saturday of the month at midday. 

You can sign up to our newsletter below

  • We will then send out another email on the day the fund opens, reminding people of the time the fund is opening. 
  • At that time, you can then go to this form, to apply for a grant. You will not be able to use this form before then.
  • You can either apply for the money to be sent directly to your bank account or you can pick it up in person from the coffee morning. If necessary we can also meet you somewhere in Lambeth with the money. 
  • Once you have applied, you will get an automatic email, asking you to send us a proof of address. We ask that you provide a proof of address because we’ve had lots of people from all over the country ask for money. We have so little money to redistribute we thought this was a simple way to make sure the money was going locally. 
  • If you do not currently have a fixed address, you can still apply for a grant – just let us know this in an email! We’ll just deliver the money to you, or you can pick it up from the coffee morning. 
  • We currently get very little money in the Solidarity Fund. This means that there are usually only between 8-16 grants on offer a month. 
  • We are currently asking people to apply once every two months, to try and share this money around. It’s not ideal and we’re working hard to increase the amount of money we get. 
  • If you’re able to help hand out flyers or put up posters to encourage more donations, this will help us raise more money, and be able to redistribute more money too!

Lambeth Mutual Aid

Solidarity, not charity!