We believe in community helping community. We believe in working without or against hierarchies. We believe in challenging existing structural inequities and not replicating them in how we organise. We believe that community is more powerful than the bureaucratic structures which currently exist. We believe in trusting one another and creating strong, community based accountability systems. We believe in solidarity, not charity. We believe in helping people when they ask, without asking for proof, without judgement. We believe in dialogue and decentralisation. We believe in compassion. We believe in action. 

We are independent. We do not work with the police, immigration officers and any other organisation or individual which has a history of upholding or supporting state approved violence. We do not apologise for this. We are not party political. We seek leadership from those affected by the issues we are working on. We will not work with groups or people who profit from this crisis. 

We support and we signpost. We fundraise and we pay out. We shop and we deliver. We cook and we bake. We feed and we shelter. We listen and we act. We give the help we’d hope to receive.

Lambeth Mutual Aid

Solidarity, not charity!