Design a Flyer

It always helps to design flyers and posters! If you have a printer at home and can print some out please do! You can find our old flyers at the bottom of this page. You can leave them in your local cafe, bar, library, social centre, squat, cinema… wherever!

If you want to design a flyer (A6) or poster (A4 or A3) for us, here’s a guideline about what to add:

  • Our name! Lambeth Mutual Aid (if you want you can also add the Solidarity Fund bit!)
  • What we do: you can copy the text below this list, or summarise it if that’s easier!
  • How to donate: at (you can also add this QR code)
  • That the Solidarity Fund offers £30 no-strings-attached grants.
  • The time and location of our Solidarity Sundays: Every second Sunday of the month from 1-4 at the Platform Cafe, SW9 7AH.
  • Our logo
  • Our social media handles: Twitter: @lambethmaf, Instagram: @lambethmutualaid, Website
  • Make it colourful! But make sure that the background and text colours don’t clash too much. Otherwise no one will be able to read it! Use a colour contrast checker like this website to help!
  • Try to use a sans serif font. Inconstant Regular is always a great shout!

Example Text

QR Codes

Flyers (old examples!)

Lambeth Mutual Aid

Solidarity, not charity!