Social housing action and changes ahead


We hope you’re keeping well and warm in the chilly weather – but if you’re not, please reach out to us by email in case we are able to give support or point in the right direction for help.

Social Housing Consultation

If you haven’t already, please take one minute of your time to sign the Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth form to respond to Lambeth Council’s social housing consultation: HASL have made it really easy: through discussion with their members they have come up with a set of responses that, if Lambeth Council listen, would make the allocation of social housing much fairer. You can find out more via this link: Deadline is tomorrow, Monday 20 November, so please do it NOW!

Changes to the Solidarity Fund

Following lots of discussion at coffee mornings and Solidarity Sunday gatherings, we are soon making some changes to how the Solidarity Fund is shared. The first change is that the form will not open until Saturday 2 December. We will send a reminder on the day as usual, and inform you of other changes as soon as possible.

Changes to Solidarity Sunday

Solidarity Sunday is moving venue! Advocacy Academy are also moving to a new space, but that won’t be open until spring 2024. So, from December until further notice, Solidarity Sunday will be at the Platform Cafe, 2 Ridgway Rd, London SW9 7AH. It’s right by Loughborough junction station, about 10 minutes walk from central Brixton.

Platform Cafe is also wheelchair accessible, has a full kitchen so we can share food (and cook together, if we would like to), plus space for children to play, and for activities such as banner making, letter writing and meeting with other groups working towards social change. So please do join us there on Sunday 10 December any time between 12 noon and 4pm.

Other news

Thanks as ever to Lambeth Larder for their tireless work and excellent newsletter where we found out about these two events:

Rastafari Movement UK Wellbeing are starting a new weekly event, Warm Welcome Happy Fridays, with free hot food, games, a hygiene bank, and more. Find them from noon to 5pm on Fridays at Marcus Lipton Centre, Minet Road SW9 7UH (again very close to the Platform Cafe in the Loughborough estate). 

Also, Platform Cafe are holding a series of free plant-based, on-a-budget cooking workshops every weekend from Sunday 19 November to Saturday 9 December. Find out more and book a place via this link.


Over the past 18 months, through distributing the Solidarity Fund, we’ve met people settling in Lambeth from all around the world who – whether because of religion, sexuality, or the violent inequalities of capitalism – can’t live safely in their country of birth. These people have moved to the UK for a safer life, and yet, because of the politics of the Hostile Environment, they are treated with suspicion and contempt. This week, the same contempt led the UK government to vote against demanding a ceasefire in Palestine. 

We at Lambeth Mutual Aid work in solidarity against local, national and international violence. The more of us gather in solidarity, the more chance we have to change the hostile environments we live in. Politicians will not do this work for us: we need to do it, through mutual aid, union organising, co-operatives and more. JOIN US! The more people we are, the more we can do.

With love, LMA xoxo