July 2022 Update


As you may be aware we’ve been working behind the scenes and have made some slight changes to how the Mutual Aid Solidarity Fund works. We have also been trying to increase the funding so we can support more people. 

Requesting a £50 grant

If you would like to request a £50 grant from us, we’ll be re opening up the application form on Friday 22 July from 4pm. You’ll need to provide a proof of address to show you live in Lambeth. We are working on the basis of trust and respect for everyone who applies for funding. People who are homeless, or in precarious housing, or don’t have their own bank account, can also apply, as long as we can meet in Lambeth to give you cash. 

Get involved

Anyone can get involved in Mutual Aid – that’s what makes it a mutual aid! You could:

1. Participate – Join the group making decisions about how to share the fund, and responding to applications – email us to find out more. It would be amazing if people applying for grants also got involved in making decisions about how to manage the fund – that kind of community thinking is what mutual aid is all about.

2. Donate! If you’re reading this and could afford to put the recent council tax rebate into savings, or have spare money after doing the weekly shop, or could give up one coffee a month, please consider adding to the Solidarity Fund: every pound makes a difference. 

3. Spread the word. Got loads of followers on social media? Tag us and share our website. Or you could print off a few of the Solidarity Fund flyers from the More Support page and hand them out to your friends. 

Thanks everyone for reading, good luck – and remember: mutual aid isn’t about charity, it’s about solidarity. Get involved if you can. Xx