August 2022 Update


As the costs of living continue to soar, it’s more important than ever that Lambeth residents do what they can to support each other. Since the last LMA update we’ve strengthened our relationships with Rastafari Movement UK, supporting them to deliver food to people across the borough, and with Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, a grassroots group committed to challenging both local authorities to ensure people have proper homes to live in. And we continue to work in collaboration with Lambeth Larder and the food bank and advocacy charity Olive Branch Aid, knowing that small groups are stronger together.

And thanks for being part of Lambeth Mutual Aid: even if you’re not actively involved right now, the fact that you’re reading this shows that you care and one day you could be. 

Before we get to the update, an important message that the application form will reopen on Thursday 25 August at 4pm: anyone applying will need to share a recent and valid proof of Lambeth address. People who are homeless, in temporary housing, or have no recourse to public funds, are all welcome to apply: we’re happy to meet in person to share cash where that’s easier. 

August Update

The Solidarity Fund has been vital for supporting people in the borough who are refugees, escaping domestic violence, or have no recourse to public funds. In July we were able to help 20 people, but each month sees more applications and that’s going to continue to rise. If you’re lucky enough to have savings, or can afford the hike in electricity costs, please consider making a monthly donation to the Solidarity Fund – every pound makes a difference to someone in the borough.

In the months ahead, too many people are going to be forced to choose between eating and heating, and it’s vital that people in power are challenged so that everyone can live safely and humanely. You could:

  • Get involved in union activity – whether trade unions or the London Renters Union (and, if you’re not already part of a union, join one!) Joining a picket line or giving money to a strike fund can be a great way to support union groups as well! The Week in Work is a great newsletter to follow what’s going on in the world of unions and local strike actions which you can support. And Strike Map is a pretty comprehensive map of strike action.  
  • Consider joining theDon’t Pay UKcampaign – if you can risk the mild inconvenience of putting off your October bill & give your energy supplier justified pressure please do! There are local organising groups and support so get in touch with us if you’ve got questions.
  • Support grassroots activists: Save Nour, Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, Southwark/Lambeth Anti-Raids for starters. 
  • Become more active in Lambeth Mutual Aid! Let people know about the Solidarity Fund – we have a flyer you can share on the website. Get involved in making decisions about how the fund is shared. At the moment we don’t have capacity to advocate for people or to make much impact as campaigners, but we’re committed to keeping this mutual aid group going and hope you’ll consider joining in.

Love and solidarity to you all
LMA xoxo